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Even the Rain (2010)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Icíar Bollaín. Full cast of the movie; Luis Tosar as Costa, Gael García Bernal as Sebastián, Juan Carlos Aduviri as Daniel / Atuey, Karra Elejalde as Antón / Colón, Raúl Arévalo as Juan / Montesinos, Carlos Santos as Alberto / Las Casas, Cassandra Ciangherotti as María, Milena Soliz as Belén / Panuca, Leónidas Chiri as Teresa, Ezequiel Díaz as Bruno, Pau Cólera as Actor capitán, Vicente Romero as Actor comandante, Antonio Mora as Actor franciscano, Daniel Currás as Soldado gallego, Glenda Rodríguez as Asistente casting, Sonia Ovando as Ona / Sonia, Jorge more...

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Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Michael Jai White. Full cast of the movie; Michael Jai White as Case Walker, Dean Geyer as Mike Stokes, Alex Meraz as Zack Gomes, Todd Duffee as Tim Newhouse, Scottie Epstein as Justin Epstein, Jillian Murray as Eve, Evan Peters as Max Cooperman, Stacey Asaro as Receptionist, Gralen Bryant Banks as Frankie, Rus Blackwell as Caucasian Cop, Beau Brasseaux as Fighter (as Beau Brasso), Eddie Bravo as D.J. Bravo, Jude Cambise as Referee, Grant Case as Zack's Friend, Laura Cayouette as Vale Newhouse, Margo Nicole Clark as Girl in Park that gets a kiss and gives her number, Gerardo Davila as Hispanic Cop, Danny Epper as Irate Big man, J.D. more...

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Red Scream Vampyres (2009)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by David R. Williams. Full cast of the movie; Satu Runa as Theodora (as Satu Rautaharju), Valeria Dombrovschi as Elenora, Jess Weber as DieTrich, Ed Bergtold as Morrissey, Sean-Michael Argo as Hitchhiker, Andrea Bentin as Sky, Caitlin Blackman as Young Female Vampyre, Robert Bozek as Moby, David Constantino as Ashton, Salvatore D. Iadicicco as Corpseman, Marissa Kosak as Voice of Young Child, Michael Kosek as Corpseman, Aaron Krygier as Griffin, Dinash Lal as Corpseman, Hillary Rose Leising as Woman Screaming, Alexander S. McBryde as Corpseman, Melody Sample as Young Female Vampyre. Here is the summary; Full more...

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Zombie Love (2008)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Ken Morris. Full cast of the movie; Matt Bailey as Spencer, Jeff Fenter as Phil, Dexter Hostetter as Pizza Kid, Elfriede Russell as Spencer's Mom, Lance Eakright as Bob, Mike Ashley as Franky Zombie, Jamie Renee Brand as Zombie Little Girl, Antonio Brazil as Hero Zombie, Xander Davis as Zombie Shot in Creek, Rebekah Greyson as Wendy, Eric 'Nico' Kellner as Fake Shemp #1, Derik Long as Cowboy Zombie, Misti Pierce as Killa Zombie, Rob Rotten as Himself, Zoie Vandal as Krispy Zombie, Allen Warchol as Butcher Shop Owner. Here is the summary; A man's helpmate dies hence he aims to resurrect her enjoys the frozen save more...

Paula Peril: Midnight Is the Darkest Hour (2008) 3.00/5 1 vote

Paula Peril: Midnight Is the Darkest Hour (2008)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Andy Rodriguez. Full cast of the movie; Valerie Perez as Paula Peril, Val Tasso as Anthony Carleoni, Andres De La Fuente as Enzio Perillo, Andre Bauth as Mr Rota, James Calvin as Goon #3, Josh Clark as Young Carleoni, Julie Clark as Aunt Mimi, David Coblentz as Young Rota, Andy Demetrio as Angel, Elliott Gonzales as Kid, Sheradan Hartman as Veronica Vilencourt (as Sheradan Von Hausen), Paul Howard as District Attorney Vincent Tompkins, Garrett Justice as Policeman, Chris W. King as Jimmy Smith, Caterina Lopez as Elizabeth Perillo, Jacqueline Mackenzie as Young Paula, Jacque Rivas as Woman In Black, Alisa Robinson as Carleoni's more...