We Are the Mods (2009)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by E.E. Cassidy. Full cast of the movie; Melia Renee as Sadie, Mary Elise Hayden as Nico, Lance Drake as Treg, Najarra Townsend as Jenel, Philip Rodriguez as Jay, Corinne Reilly as Vivian, Cheryl Rodes as MaryAnn, Jeffrey Reeves as Mr. Zelaski, Maureen Cassidy as Sadie's Mom, Gibson Blieden as Chet, Erin Gibson as Carly, Jane Anne Thomas as Ms. Gaines, Bo Barrett as Obie, Summera Howell as Entre Nous President, Barika A. Croom as Entre Nous President (as Barika Croom), Tess Gayhart as Entre Nous Vice President, Devin Leigh as Billy, Bobby Gold as Jock, Justin Fox as Quiet Mike, Max Jones as Arthur Allblack, Mary Ly as Student, Joel Westendorf as Club Bouncer. Here is the summary; Story has not been entered for this movie

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