Up in the Air (2009/I)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Jason Reitman. Full cast of the movie; George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, Vera Farmiga as Alex Goran, Anna Kendrick as Natalie Keener, Jason Bateman as Craig Gregory, Amy Morton as Kara Bingham, Melanie Lynskey as Julie Bingham, J.K. Simmons as Bob, Sam Elliott as Maynard Finch, Danny McBride as Jim Miller, Zach Galifianakis as Steve, Chris Lowell as Kevin, Steve Eastin as Samuels, Marvin Young as Young MC, Lucas MacFadden as Conference DJ (as Cut Chemist), Adrienne Lamping as Tammy, Meagan Flynn as Flight Attendant, Dustin Miles as Ned, Tamara Tungate as Club Hostess, Laura Ackermann as Check-in Lady, Meghan Maguire as Business Woman, Courtney Kling as Airport Clerk, Matt O'Toole as Alex's Husband, Alan David as Hilton Clerk, Erin McGrane as Dianne, Cari Mohr as Purser, Jerry Vogel as San Francisco Manager, Adhir Kalyan as Irate IT, Jeff Witzke as Goalquest Host, Dave Engfer as Software Dude, Paul Goetz as Rental Car Assistant, Michele Lee as Conference Worker (as Michelle Reitman), Jennifer Flaks as Wedding Cousin (as Jennifer Nitzband), Bill Yancey as Wedding Pastor, John Mebruer as Band Leader, Ellen Gutierrez as Wedding Coordinator, Adam Rose as Makeout Dave, Kevin Pila as Terminated Employee (as Kevin Pilla), Kelly Bertha as Terminated Employee, Cozy Bailey as Terminated Employee, Lamorris Conner as Terminated Employee, Deborah L. Norman as Terminated Employee, Casey Bartels as Terminated Employee, Billy Phelan as Terminated Employee (as Bill Phelan), Art Hill as Terminated Employee (as Arthur Hill), Patricia Allison as Terminated Employee, David F. Rybicki as Terminated Employee, Andy Glantzman as Terminated Employee, K. Darnell Lewis as Terminated Employee (as Kevin D. Lewis), Jo Michelle Favaro as Terminated Employee, Stephanie Janiunas as Terminated Employee, Thomas M. Martilotti as Terminated Employee, Erin Welsh-Krengel as Terminated Employee, Marlene Gorkiewicz as Terminated Employee, Mark Sommers as Terminated Employee, Wilbur Weidlich as Terminated Employee, Grace Smith as Terminated Employee, Scott Lapinski as Terminated Employee, George Batten as Terminated Employee, Sope Aluko as Software Woman, Kojo Asiedu as Business Traveler, Courtney Benjamin as Gate Agent, Michael Bentele as Extra, Nicole Blaszczyk as Stewardess, Kourtney Brown as Make-Out IT, Wayne E. Brown as 1st Officer, Ed Callison as Conference Room Executive, Brian Carney as Laid-Off Worker, Alissa Collins as Software Model, Kevin Crawford as CTC Team Member, Sara Crowell as Convention Attendee, Jeremy Curran as Wedding Guest, Rodney Davis as Extra, Karla Dieseldorff as Bikini Girl, Vanessa Elgrichi as Flight Attendant, Dona Ellis as Desk Girl, Didier Elysee as IT Guy, Chad A. Fehr as Extra, Doug Fesler as Business Traveler, Lanette Fugit as Flight Attendant, Bobby J. Gatus as Extra, Angela Golden Bryan as Dockside Shopper, Joe Hammerstone as Airport Traveler, HeMan as Software Dude, Ernesto Hernandez as Angel Goodman, Carri Jarvis as Flight Attendant, Tamala Jones as Karen Barnes, Walter Kirn as Conference Room Executive, Andrew Kruczynski as Sergeant Perez, Ashley Leilani as Software Technician, Laurel Levey as Computer Geek at Miami Convention, Keri Maletto as Software Convention Geek, Libby McDermott as Traveler, Anastasia Maria Mili as Child Traveler, Jørgen Pedersen as Wedding Guest, Greg Reynolds as Convetion Attendee, Kyle Rich as Military Guy, Nic Roewert as Kissing Couple, Mallory Scott as Business Traveler, Chris Shaw as Tourist, Megan Shearin as Wedding Attendant, Malik Simmons as Traveler, Steffen Smith as Extra, Gus Stevenson as Conference Attendee, Paul Strathman as Businessman at Lunch, Morris Lee Sullivan as Business Traveler, Mia Terez Deuschle as IT Conference Waitress #1, Gowhnou Yang as Business Traveler. Here is the summary; With a career that has him on the road almost the nation-state terminating people, Ryan Bingham leads an without anything survival out of a suitcase, pending his agency realizes the unexpected: reason him.

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