Treeless Mountain (2008)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by So Yong Kim. Full cast of the movie; Chae Gil Byung as Pedestrian in City, Jung Gil Ja as Minoo's Mom, Shin Hyun Je as Bus Driver, Kim Mi Jung as Hyun's Mom, Hee-yeon Kim as Jin, Mi-hyang Kim as Big Aunt, Song-hee Kim as Bin, Soo-ah Lee as Mom, Sung Sook Lee as Stall Lady, Lee Hyun Seo as Hyun, Park Boon Tak as Grandma, Lee Kang Won as Neighbor Lady, Ha Min Woo as Minoo, Kim Il Woo as Man with Cellphone, Lee Byung Yong as Grandpa. Here is the summary; In Seoul, Korea, two sisters must glimpse following single an extra once their mommy vegetation each other to enquiry for the raison d’

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