The Dead Can't Dance (2010)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Rodrick Pocowatchit. Full cast of the movie; Rodrick Pocowatchit as Dax Wildhorse, Guy Ray Pocowatchit as Ray Wildhorse, T.J. Williams as Eddie Wildhorse, Randall Aviks as Clooney, Wade Hampton as Stupid zombie, Michael 'Archie' Archibold as Radio Announcer, Anthony Caster as Skateboard Zombie, Joshua Cates as Zombie That Gets Stabbed, Zachary Cates as Zombie That Gets Shot, Tonia Land as Girl at Rest Area, Chelsea Lee as School Teacher, Dustin Parker as Zombie That Gets Leg Torn off. Here is the summary; Three Native Americans see they are come whatever may immune to an endemic that's spinning every person also into zombies.

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