The Appearing (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Daric Gates. Full cast of the movie; Will Wallace as Michael, Dean Cain as Dr. Shaw, Don Swayze as Sheriff Hendricks, Quinton Aaron as Kenneth, Emily Brooks as Rachel, Wolfgang Bodison as Father Callahan, Conroy Kanter as Dr. Farnell, Abigail Cooper as Susie Dudley, Kris Deskins as Margo Dudley, Tom Calococci as Wade Fleener, Payton Wood as Nathan, Meghan McGregor as Morgan, Megan Kiniry as Katherine, Melanie Rashbaum as Tina, Elizabeth Florer as Martha May, Breann Johnson as Brennyn Danae, Natalie Kabenjian as Crissy, Donald Austin as Principal Hoots, Sandey Lock as Barbara, Joe Estevez as Mental Man, Andrew Fognani as Breeze, Jeneta St. Clair as Gracie, Dylan Saccoccio as Pocket, Niki Koss as Dawn, Charlie Kanter as Blanch Banks, Hope Williams as Beth Banks, Peyton Williams as Emily, Victor Holstein as Martha May's Lover, Kate Heuer as Party Girl, Stephanie Uhlemann as Party Girl 2, Nigel Walsh as Jason. Here is the summary; A grown person one time possessed by a weird entity uncovers a sickening classified concerning her precedent days plus must face expression the demon that is lurking indoor of her.

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