Some Things That Stay (2004)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Gail Harvey. Full cast of the movie; Katie Boland as Tamara Anderson, Stuart Wilson as Stuart Anderson, Alberta Watson as Liz Anderson, Geraint Wyn Davies as Mr. Murphy, Maria Ricossa as Mrs. Burns, Nadia Litz as Helen Murphy, Kevin Zegers as Rusty Murphy, Megan Park as Brenda Murphy, Jack Knight as Robert Anderson, Tatum Knight as Megan Anderson, Brenda Robins as Mrs. Murphy, Julian Richings as Minister, Yannick Bisson as Dr. Ostrum, Ken James as Doctor William, Barry Flatman as Doctor Gordon, Meg Walter as Nurse Teresa, John Baker as Male Parishioner, Catherine Gourdier as Lady Parishioner, Jordan Allison as Timothy Burns (Ghost Boy), Deborah Tennant as Nurse Mary, Christine Casarsa as Susie, Patrick Salvagna as School Boy, Peter MacNeill as Mr. Burns. Here is the summary; A coming-of-age tale of a adolescent missy enjoys a unengaged upbringing who moves to a conservative baptist neighborhood inside rural 1950s America.

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