Permanent Residence (2009)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Scud. Full cast of the movie; Sean Li as Ivan, Osman Hung as Windson, Jackie Chow as Josh, Yu Hong Lau as Nam, Zi Li Wei as Child Ivan, Woon Ling Hau as Grandma (as Candy Hau), Yui Yu Chung as Auntie, Hoi Kai Luk as Uncle, Jonathan Lee as Teen Ivan, Toby Wong as Child Nam, Amy Chan as Ivan's Mother, Eva Lo as Eva, Norris Lai as Colleague in karaoke, Sheena Wong as Colleague in karaoke, Wilfred Wong as Colleague in karaoke, Winky Wong as Colleague in karaoke, James Loft as Colleague in office, David Rock as Colleague in office, Bruce Stephens as Colleague in office, Damiem Bos as Colleague in office, Masanori Miyoshi as Colleague in office, David Wong as Ivan's boss, Eric Geiger as Ivan's boss, Ho Kit Ivan Lau as TV Host, Henry Lee as Latin dance teacher, Thomas Lai as Gay bar couple, Scud as Gay bar couple, Angel Chu as Nam's girlfriend, Cheung Wing Lai as Old man on beach, Yee Hang Ko as Old woman on beach, Cheuk Ming Poon as Windson's father, Yee Yee Yeung as Windson's mother, Tong Khun as A-go-go bar captain, Ben as A-go-go dancer, Hin-Wai Au as Dr So (as Au Him Wai), Mandy Wong as Nurse, Yu Kin Lau as Windson's relative, Chi Ching Lai as Windson's relative, Fook Kwok as Windson's relative, Kam Ying Ho as Windson's relative, Annie Lau as Funeral service staff, Si-Ting Chan as Coffin shop staff, Jimmie Poon as Photographer, Tami Kwong as Nam's wife, Jenny Leung as Wedding guest, Yu Yu Chen as Wedding guest, Care Poon as Wedding guest, Tam Athena as Wedding guest, Thomas Price as Waiter Jimmie (as Tom Price), Tom as Aussie bar customers, Wu Sisters as Party Guests, Lorna as Party Guest, Siem Leung as Party Guest, Yin Ping Mak as Party Guest, Lin Shing Cheng as Party Guest, Dave Tsang as Party Guest, Shan Shan Tse as Party Guest, Jess Cheung as Reporter in the party, Wilson Siu as Reporter in the party, Koon-Hung Lau as Housekeeper, Azani Hai as Parcel delivery boy, Yogev Weinberg as United Funeral staff, Haim Elkouby as United Funeral staff. Here is the summary; The vitality fairy-tale of a juvenile person of fruity age who has been pursuing an unfeasible fondness and his at once boyfriend as in any case as holding on the mortality of his adore ones.

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