Perico ripiao (2003)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Ángel Muñiz. Full cast of the movie; Raymond Pozo as Francisco, Manolo Ozuna as Mauricio, Phillip Rodríguez as Manuel, Giovanny Cruz as General Contreras, Fernando Coste as Arcadio, Miguel Céspedes as Quepis, Pancho Clisante as The narrator (as José 'Pancho' Clisante), Lumi Lizardo as Cristina, Manuel's wife (as Lumy Lizardo), Berenice Aquino as Celia, Francisco's wife, Clara Luz Lozano as Loly, Mauricio's wife, Kenny Grullon as The bus driver (as Kenny Grullón), Raquel Ureña as Passenger 1, Cenia Rodríguez as Passenger 2, Héctor Sierra as Boca, Richard Douglas as Blanco, the leftist prisoner, Gyana Mella as Susana, the journalist (as Gianna Mella), Frantz Duge as The Haitian ambassador, José M. 'Tulile' Rivera as Euclídes, the drug dealer, Edward Saint-Hilaire as The barber, Vickiana as Contrera's wife, Micky Montilla as Bico, the cross-eyed soldier, Ivonne Anthy as Yuberty, a maid, Carlos Berg as Cara de Caballo, Reynaldo Disla as The traveling merchant, Miguel Ángel Martínez as Libio, the Communist, Fausto Mata as Gengibrero, the bomb thrower, Fernando Rodríguez as The truck driver, Roberto Chang as The Chinese migrant, Ángel Haché as Facito Ortiz, a peasant, Ruth Ocumarez as Zeneida, the peasant's daughter (as Ruth Ocumáres), Iliá Aponte as Papo, the peasant's son, Nicolás Díaz Maigaro as The preacher, Pipe García as Evangelist 1, Olga Bucarelli as Evangelist 2, Juan Maria Almonte as The Mayor General, Manuela Josefa Cabrera as China, the madam (as Fefita la Grande), Fiume Michel Gómez as The fat prostitute, Tony Pascual as The plantation foreman, Enrique Cabrera as The Haitian worker, Isabel Spencer as Prostitute 1, Mónica Gómez as Prostitute 2, Pilar Pineda as Mauricio's neighbor. Here is the summary; Three convicted criminals get away enjoys detention center carrying solitary a Güira, a Tambora along with an Accordion. During their voyage they link up in addition to a gathering of exciting temperaments along with are required to course of action their musical acumen to oblige one another acquire home.

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