Nina (2013/I)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Cynthia Mort. Full cast of the movie; Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone, Alexa Davalos as Olivia, David Oyelowo as Clifton Henderson, Mike Epps as Richard Pryor, Ella Joyce as Clifton's Mom, Ella Thomas as Lorraine Hansberry, Mary Pat Gleason as Orderly Pat, Siena Goines as Heather, Anthony Molinari as Cop #1, Spencer Garrett as Alan Burson, Olesya Grushko as Friend, Ronald Guttman as Henri Edwards, Alexandra Surer as Youth Concert Guest, Allison Sarofim as Nurse Sheila, Dakota Lupo as Harry's Drummer, Lubella Gauna as Violinist, Zack Zublena as Robert, Camille Natta as Michelle Laroche, Vincent M. Biscione as Nina's Entourage, Calvin C. Winbush as Leopoldo F. Fleming, Nia Imani as Young Girl – 4 Women Singer, Marcus L. J. Thrash as Nina's Entourage, Nana Agyapong as Musician Girl, Chuma Gault as Andrew Stowen, Darryl Dunning II as French Valet, Stevens Gaston as Marvin Henderson, Josh Harp as Harry's Bass Player, Gabriella Abdel as Teenage Nina, Nelson Scott as Gilles Drummer, Sky Elobar as Nina's Bass player, Kholee Campbell as Ninas Background Vocalist, Yasmine Golchan as Dr. Cousier, Vivie Eteme as Young Nina, Kit Leonard as Alan Burson, Travis Dukelow as Harry's Band Guitarist, Kelechi Kalu as Omar, Joshua Anantharaman as Baritone Saxophone Player, Kenneth I. Brown as Black Panther Member, Cherrelle E'Lan as Black Panther Party Member, Christina Michelle Nelson as Nina's Entourage, Spencer John Olson as Nina's Entourage. Here is the summary; The narrative of the overdue jazz musician also classical pianist Nina Simone plus her surfacing to attractiveness also relationship in addition to her supervisor Clifton Henderson.

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