Ma Mère (2004)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Christophe Honoré. Full cast of the movie; Isabelle Huppert as Hélène, the Mother, Louis Garrel as Pierre, the Son, Emma de Caunes as Hansi, Joana Preiss as Réa, Jean-Baptiste Montagut as Loulou, Dominique Reymond as Marthe, Olivier Rabourdin as Robert, Philippe Duclos as The Father, Pascal Tokatlian as Klaus, Théo Hakola as Ian, Nuno Lopes as The Doctor, Patrick Fanik as Eric, Susi Egetenmeier as Woman in dunes, Sylvia Johnson as Woman of couple. Here is the summary; Based on George Bataille's posthumous along with contentious novel: When his father dies, a little gentleman is introduced by his attractive, amoral mama to a real world of hedonism along with depravity.

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