Locked Away (2010)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Doug Campbell. Full cast of the movie; Jean Louisa Kelly as Chloe, Kirsten Prout as Taylin, Paula Trickey as Sasha, Jake Thomas as Kevin, Cynthia Preston as Rachel, Mark Weiler as Adrian, Marielle Jaffe as Nikki, Jill Klopp as Sierra, Veralyn Jones as Dr. Kim, Heather Ballentine as Bartender, Michelle Noh as Wanda, Kristin Lindquist as Agent, Tracy Martin as Hostess, Brittany Beaudry as Bar Girl, Jenifer Cononico as Waitress, Christopher Kriesa as Detective Wurlyn, Eder López as Bar Guy, Christine Conradt as Pregnant Woman. Here is the summary; A overpriced bracket senior attempts cooperate with like a pregnancy adviser who progress the predicament because her own gain.

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