Lipstikka (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Jonathan Sagall. Full cast of the movie; Clara Khoury as Lara, Nataly Attiya as Inam, Daniel Caltagirone as Michael, Moran Rosenblatt as Young Inam, Ziv Weiner as Young Lara, Gal Lev as Gadi, Ofer Hayoun as Boaz, Taliesin Knight as James, Jullate Kahwage as Young Inam's Mother, Amal Reihan-Abu Ramadan as Young Lara's Mother, Ibrahim Abu-Zeid as Young Lara's Father, Adam Abu-Razek as Ashraf, Rachel E. Friedman as Nun, Kosta Fasho as Jamil, Charlotte McDougall as James' School Teacher, Natasha Williams as Nurse Yolanda, Simone Pritchard as Other Nurse, Wuzza Conlon as Irish Man, Nigel Betts as Aaron, Olivia Poulet as Ruth, Deborah Frances White as Party Guest 1, Tom Salinsky as Party Guest 2, Alex Darby as Milk Man, Charles Ayodele as Inam's 'Husband' in photo, Shimon Gantz as Religious Teen, Menachem Shaver as Religious Teen, Nachman Lior as Religious Teen, Natan Shaver as Religious Teen, Natan Gabay as Religious Teen, Lior Mordoch as Israeli Troops, Ibrahim Abu-Razek as Israeli Troop, Shlomi Atour as Israeli Troop, Ofer Shahar as Israeli Troop, Kobi Triki as Israeli Troop, Hamudi Abu-Razek as Israeli Troop, Eyal Oberwerger as Israeli Troop, Abu-Ali as Taxi Driver, Ali Almejarba as Masked Militant, Hosam Okabi as Masked Militant, Walid Abu-Dahal as Masked Militant, Yusuf Koudain as Masked Militant, John Harley as Radio Presenter, David Loughlin as Dish Washer Repairman, Melissa Hartzel as Breakfast Radio Presenter. Here is the summary; Two persons of mature age reunite inside London, where they re-examine the facts of a life-changing occasion which transpire once they were youngsters inside Jerusalem.

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