Le secret (2000)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Virginie Wagon. Full cast of the movie; Anne Coesens as Marie, Michel Bompoil as François, Tony Todd as Bill, Quentin Rossi as Paul, Jacqueline Jehanneuf as Marie's mother, Aladin Reibel as Rémy, Valérie Vogt as Séverine, Frédéric Sauzay as Luc, Natalya Ermilova as Ana, Charlotte Pradon as Mélanie, Jeanne Cellard as Customer, Yanitz Grunhard as Trainer, Chantal Lambrechts as Marie's colleague, Christian Bobet as Boss, Paul Ielkin as Idiot boy, Nouka Maximoff as Idiot boy's mother, Kim Kimberly as Bill's mistress, Yannick Dixneuf as Brasserie waiter, Vanessa Lapierre as Ex-swimmer, Isabelle Tanakil as Stall representative, Judith Perron as Dancer, José Valls as Dancer, Jay Arlen Jones as Jerry Stanley, Ariane Pick as Lydia, Richard Malbequi as Michel, Estelle Vincent as Babysitter, Jean-Marc Chemouli as Stall customer, Michèle Hery as Mathilde. Here is the summary; Story has not been entered for this movie

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