Karl the Butcher vs Axe (2010)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by UnknownFull cast of the movie; Blokkmonsta, Eileen Daly, Dr. Faustus, Timo Fuchs, Sascha Hartmann as Tank Driver / Devil, Eleanor James as Shema, Dr. Jekyll, Magdalèna Kalley as Vendetta (as Magdalena A. Kalley), Marysia Kay as Mathra, Arno Nuehm, Marc Rohnstock, Timo Rose as Axe, Andreas Schnaas as Karl the Butcher, Schwartz, Sdby, Sam E. Terry as Cpt. Riedel, Thaiga 47, Marc Trinkhaus, Mario Zimmerschitt. Here is the summary; In a battle shredded post-apocalyptic future, Karl the Butcher faces off critical an extra ultra-violent row killer, dubbed Axe.

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