God's Not Dead (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Harold Cronk. Full cast of the movie; Jim Gleason as Ward Wheaton, David A.R. White as Reverend Dave, Dean Cain as Mark, Kevin Sorbo as Professor Radisson, Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton, Andrew Vogel as Waiter, Cory Oliver as Mina, Trisha LaFache as Amy Ryan, Wendy Miklovic as Caregiver Nurse, Hadeel Sittu as Ayisha, Shawn M. Richardz as Nurse, Lindsey G. Smith as Ticket Girl, Jay Caputo as First Guest, Tommy Blaze as Dan Tibbs, Lisa Arnold as June Wheaton, Debby Gaudet as Female Guest, Alexia Pearl as Concert Attendee, Benjamin Ochieng as Reverend Jude, Shauna Rappold as Second Guest, Ray Gaspard as Dinner guest, Dorian Morrison as Busboy, Jesse Yarborough as Professor / Patron, Renee Pezzotta as Secretary, Zach Nichols as College Student, Lisa Hampton as Actress, Ross Britz as Junior, Taylor Roppolo as Another Student, Jesse Wang as Martin's Father, Maison Briley as Concert Guest, Valerie Strecker, Frankie Smith as Girard / Male Student, Alex Aristidis as Fahid, Paul Kwo as Martin Yip, Kaelin Stockwell as Sports Student, Laci Broussard as Assistant, Clint Michael Naquin as Board Member, David Mills as Professor, Lauri Mills as Restaurant Patron, Bridget Nichols as Woman in Restaurant. Here is the summary; Story has not been entered for this movie

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