God Loves Caviar (2012)

O Theos agapaei to haviari This film which was released in 2012 was directed by Yannis Smaragdis. Full cast of the movie ; Sebastian Koch, Evgeniy Stychkin, Juan Diego Botto. Here is the summary : God Loves Caviar is the compelling story of Ioannis Varvakis, and his journey from humble Greek pirate to international caviar millionaire, with the ear of Catherine the Great of Russia. His wealth and power, however, do not give him contentment, and his boundless ambition only brings suffering, until he gives everything away, including himself, in the name of love… Titles in Other Countries : God Loves Caviar, Ο Θεός αγαπάει το χαβιάρι, O Theos agapaei to haviari. O Theos agapaei to haviari Trailer

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