Friends with Kids (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Jennifer Westfeldt. Full cast of the movie; Adam Scott as Jason Fryman, Jennifer Westfeldt as Julie Keller, Maya Rudolph as Leslie, Chris O'Dowd as Alex, Kristen Wiig as Missy, Jon Hamm as Ben, Loulou Sloss as Girl Acting Up in Restaurant, Katie Foster as Girl in Office / Jule's Assistant, Robert Halpern as Cole, Daniel Halpern as Cole, Rekha Luther as Life Coach / Jason's Date, Peter K. Hirsch as Doctor in Delivery Room, Lee Bryant as Elaine Keller, Kelly Bishop as Marcy Fryman, Cotter Smith as Phil Fryman, John Lutz as Jason's Colleague at Work, Nina Lafarga as Penelope, Summer Perry as Katie, Ryann Engel as Katie, Owen Bento as Troy, Theo Mitchell as Joe (12 months), Megan Fox as Mary Jane, Vince Nappo as Businessman / Jule's Date, Ken Barnett as Stage Manager / Chicago, Edward Burns as Kurt, Ilana Levine as Mom in Restaurant, Brian d'Arcy James as Husband in Restaurant, Georgia Levi Fumusa as Daughter in Restaurant, Ryann Pacheco as Twin in Restaurant, Jacob Pacheco as Twin in Restaurant, Jim McMillan as Missy's New Boyfriend, Derek Cecil as Pete, Brody Frederick as Joe (2 1 / 2 yrs), Michael Dean as Soho House Waiter, Mila McConaughey as Sarah, Minka McConaughey as Samantha, Steven Weisz as Doorman George. Here is the summary; Two top friends arrange to undergo a youngster jointly sec keeping their relationship platonic, hence they would keep somewhere else from the toll tykes would combat romantic relationships.

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