Feed (2005)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Brett Leonard. Full cast of the movie; Alex O'Loughlin as Michael Carter, Patrick Thompson as Phillip Jackson, Gabby Millgate as Deidre, Jack Thompson as Richard, Rose Ashton as Abbey, Matthew Le Nevez as Nigel, David Field as Father Turner, Sherly Sulaiman as Mary, Marika Aubrey as Jesse, Adam Hunt as German Cannibal, Nicholas Coghlan as Cannibal Victim, Yure Covich as Hans, Connor Thompson as Young Phillip, Helene Joy as Young Phillip's Mother (as Helen Thearle), Peter Holloway as Young Phillip's Father, Shane C. Rodrigo as Young Phillip's Mother's Lover (as Shane Rodrigo), Adam Young as Michael – Age 15, Victoria Doyle as Young Jesse / Lucy, Martin Schultz-Moller as Michael – Age 9, Tracy Moore as Kathleen, Betty Lucas as Janet, David No as Sang, Imogen Bailey as Veronica, Mary Beaufort as Nurse, James Holbrook as Uniform Policeman, Irina Bursill as Stripper, Steve Athanas as Radio DJ, Becky Dickinson as Doctor, Octavia Blackman as Altar Boy, Maxine's Father as Dad, Emily Mees as Young Girl At Church, Margaret Lou Davis as Woman In Leopard Coat, Masa Yamaguchi as Dog Boy. Here is the summary; A cybercrime investigator habits a someone of porn age (O'Loughlin) suspected of force-feeding grown-ups to death.

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