Elena Undone (2010)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Nicole Conn. Full cast of the movie; Necar Zadegan as Elena, Traci Dinwiddie as Peyton, Gary Weeks as Barry, Sam Harris as Tyler, Connor Kramme as Nash, Sabrina Fuster as Tori, Mary Jane Wells as Wave (as Mary Wells), Erin Carufel as Millie, Heather Howe as Lily, Jane Clark as Peyton's Mother, Shyloh Oostwald as Young Peyton, Robert Khakh as Rasheed, Mayank Bhatter as Ari, Edith Fields as Older Woman, Art Frankel as Older Man, Rachael Dayne as Jane, Joshua Swanson as Robert, Catherine Campion as Amelia, Skyler Cooper as Jackie, Erika Ringor as Brooke, Lonnie Hughes as Denny, Lee Anne Matusek as Instructor, Conn Barrett as Adoption Woman Two, Holly Depatie as Adoption Woman One, Genevieve Verdugo as Adoption Center Woman Intro, Linda Cairns-Weinberg as Adoption Center Woman Intro, Steve Tyler as Congregant One, David Rickabaugh as Churchgoer, Roberta Sparta as Churchgoer, Daaiyah Allah as Churchgoer, Dorothy Williams as Churchgoer, Feliz McInnis as Churchgoer, William Howard as Churchgoer, Celina Wainwright as Churchgoer, Joy Peterman as Churchgoer, Michele Orr as Churchgoer, Rigard van der Walt as Churchgoer, Rhoda Pell as Churchgoer, Brian J. Putnam as Churchgoer, Audrey Haworth as Churchgoer, Steven Roughan as Churchgoer, Scott McClure as Churchgoer, Hanoz Gandhi as Father in park, Shayaan Gandhi as Daughter in park, Yeny Estrada as Woman in park, Armando Beltran as Man in park, Katie Wells as Partygoer, Daisha Rice-Conn as Partygoer, Ashley Weemes as Partygoer, Alissa Broderdorf as Partygoer, Daniel Frank as Partygoer, Cara Briese as Partygoer, Ted Briese as Partygoer, Giovanna Cardoso Valentim as Partygoer, Jennifer Cheyne as Partygoer, Angela DiSalvo as Partygoer, Pamela Robison as Partygoer, Todd Rimes as Partygoer, Cathlean Watson as Partygoer, Audrey Laurel Breznican as Elena's Baby, Isabella Cuda as Girl in park. Here is the summary; Fate brings two diversely varied grown men together, plus groups one another on a collision passage that will shatter their preconceived perceptions regarding love, living plus the electrical energy of one's soul.

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