Dutch Kills (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Joseph Mazzella. Full cast of the movie; R.L. Mann as Val, Tama Filianga as Ash, Mikaal Bates as Lou, Celestine Rae as Daisy, Lodric D. Collins as Cal, Brynn Alexander as Vane, Tjasa Ferme as Kandi, Claire Jane Wolterman as Gina, Damon Owlia as Rivera, Benjamin Anderson as Byron Milani, Danny Michael Mann as Don Milani, Rumando Kelley as Dealer, Shawn Patrick Murphy as Sean the Bum, Rotimi Paul as Schmitty, Reid Prebenda as Kent, Bettina Goolsby as Schlitz, Colleen Huley as Parole Officer, Rasheem Nurse as Train Stranger, Joseph Mazzella as Auto Body Boss, Michael Whitaker as Whistler #1, Chaka Desilva as Whistler #2, Mo Diaby as Stoop Guy, Briana Swann as Stoop Girl #2, Paul Anderson as Charlie, Nick Burleigh as Hipster #1, Jonathan Kobritz as Hipster #2, Sandy Heyaime as Stoop Girl #1 / Girl in park, Jake Greck as Man with dog, Isabelle Chester as Lady Friend #1, Jamie Rosquist as Lady Friend #2, Elizabeth Ramos as Stranger, Vesko as Man in the park, Jay Akin as Swat #1, Shaka Omari Smith as Swat #2. Here is the summary; Story has not been entered for this movie

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