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Duas Mulheres (2009)

Duas Mulheres This film which was released in 2009 was directed by João Mário Grilo. Full cast of the movie ; Beatriz Batarda, Virgílio Castelo, Débora Monteiro, Marcello Urgeghe, Sofia Grilo, José Pinto, João Perry, Nicolau Breyner, Breno Moroni, Luís Esparteiro, Álvaro Fari, Mário Jacques, António Cordeiro, Adelaide de Sousa, Vanda Correia. Here is the summary : Joana, psychiatrist of 40 years, is married to Paul, an executive at a large financial firm. The couple has a golden existence that entitles the profession and stability of Joan and power of Paul, although in this case, the circuits of money and force them to overhaul their interests and constant surprises, as now happens with a war of shareholders the door… Duas Mulheres Trailer

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