Contracted (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Eric England. Full cast of the movie; Najarra Townsend as Samantha, Caroline Williams as Sam's Mom, Alice Macdonald as Alice, Katie Stegeman as Nikki, Matt Mercer as Riley, Charley Koontz as Zain, Simon Barrett as BJ, Ruben Pla as Doctor, Dave Holmes as Therapist, Celia Finkelstein as Woman #1, Laura Baggett as Woman #2, David Baughman as Customer, Matt Blackwood as Saleem, Andre Boyer as Sign-In Man, Rebecca Brownlee as Customer, Chris Burgos as Camplen, Chris Candy as Pick-Up Guy, Lionel D. Carson as Cop, Kaela Crawford as Co-Worker #1, David Gomez as Party Guy, Jennifer Gonzalez as Nurse, Roderick Griffin as Man, Jordan Iheaso as Benjamin Peyser, Jessica Joan as Date Girl, Phillis Kemp as Woman in Cafe, Mike Jerome Putnam as Police Officer, Lissy Smith as Kent Finkleberg, E-Kan Soong as George. Here is the summary; A infantile dame has a one-night dais as well as a casual stranger also contracts, whatever she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted illness – although is really something a good deal of worse.

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