Classroom 6 (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Jonas Odenheimer. Full cast of the movie; Valentina Kolaric as Annie Monroe, Maurice Mejia as Dan, Mike McLaughlin as Jack Dogget, Vince Major as Kurt, Matt Poe as Brent Davis, Craig Cranic as Stephen Ellis, Paul Thomas Arnold as Keaton, Victor Manso as Gaston (as Victor Manso Carrasco), Jessica Amal Rice as Amanda, Wesley Rice as Father Ruggero, Jean-Louis Darville as Robert Daniaud, Caroline Guivarch as Isabelle Daniaud, Lauren Tess as Deana Banks, Amanda Lee Gunnell as Student, Devin Dygert as Student, Ko Wills as Student, Natalie Younan as Student, David Holguin as Mr.Torres. Here is the summary; A local writer in addition to her compiled TV crew set off into a department haunted by a atrocious past. The players spends the midnight locked within the building, acquiring any in addition to all they find.

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