Boylets (2009)

Boylets This film which was released in 2009 was directed by Crisaldo Pablo. Full cast of the movie ; Charles Delgado, Joeffrey Javier, Francis Sienes, Siegfried Riosa, Rusty Adonis, Tisha Tepac, Bell Clerigo, Cristy Mujer, Rovalyn Quiamas, Greggy Buquia, Chamyto Aguedan, Patty Yap, Remar Mallari, Erwin Engalan, Felbert P. Go, Allan Ocampo, Kert Pernia, Joan Ganta, Christopher Nocon, Arnick Meneses, Dirk Caseres, Jonathan Batoy, Mervin Bermen, Justine, Paolo Edades, Brian Balancio, Med Valentus Jr., Deney Diosa. Here is the summary : Boylets focuses on middle class teenager Krys and his friends who spend their time steeling copper wire, gambling online and offering sexual services to gay customers… Boylets Trailer

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