Amanda & The Guardian (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Mark Anthony J. Nazal. Full cast of the movie; Dana De La Garza as Amanda, Chantal Bui Viet as The Guardian, Katarina Leigh Waters as The Serpent Queen, Jordan Youmans as Andrew, Nina Nelson as Emery, Randa Nelson as Veena, Jess Busterna as Shane, Jeremy Lynn as Jeremy, Charity Cabico as Serena, Hans Kurt Linke as Felipe, Cory Goines as Ahab the Guardsman, Nicole Maramo as Deschanii, Colline Orlanes as The Star Child, Darell Victor as Dead Warrior, Amanda Zielinski as Dead Warrior. Here is the summary; Amanda & The Guardian is an upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy Drama in addition to Live-Action Comic Book Adaptation close to a seemingly common little man who discovers a peculiar destiny.

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