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Already Famous (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Michelle Chong. Full cast of the movie; Michelle Chong as Ah Kiao, Alien Huang as Christopher / Ah Seng, Meng Chue Lok as Kiao's Grandma, Jalyn Han as Kiao's Mother, James Lim as Kiao's Brother, Tan Jun Sheng as Fatty, John Lee as David, Enlai Chua as Vaness, Ernest Seah as Earness, Ho Ai Ling as Angie, Gan David as Celebrity hair stylist, Miranda Gagnon as Model 2, Cai Hao Jun as Little Kiao's brother, Candance Kuykendall as Model 1, Sherry Lim as Hair salon receptionist, Woo Chun Lim as Loudhailer Guy, Patricia Mok as Modeling agency booker, Tye Par Mok as Cofeeshop Old Man, Wilson Ng as Kiao's father, May Oon as Coffeeshop mother, Hee Ker Ru as Little Ah Kiao, Tracy Soon as Auntie in tv shop. Here is the summary; A remove darkness from hearted comedy as features to a damsel fancy a little town inside Malaysia who dreams of becoming a megastar inside nearby Singapore…

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