Aleksandr's Price (2013)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by UnknownFull cast of the movie; Pau Masó as Aleksandr, Anatoli Grek as Dr. Mary, Josh Berresford as Keith, Samantha Glovin as Emma, Keith Dougherty as Tom, Olivier Canovas as Nathan, Roland Max as John, Terrence Hewitt as The Host, Marc I. Daniels as Joseph, Roy Pollack as Kyle, Danny Boushebel as Clive, Raymond Mamrak as Man on Subway Station, Jon Ash as Christian, Jason Leal as Bar Customer, Miriam Weisbecker as Lisa, Annemijn Nieuwkoop as Christine, Richie Noodles as Dick, Simon Brading as Man in Adult Store, Merritt Matthew Chase as Man in adult store, Annie Jackson as Lidia, Jennivere Song Lee as Sophia, Mark Eugene Garcia as Michael, Ewelina Lukaszewska as Girl in restaurant, Marsha Chun-Matsubara as Mailey, Evan Hall as Bartender, Edy Escamilla as Eric, Pete Dorogoff as Business man, Robert Rochester as James, Andrew Hsu as Man in bar #1, Robert Braxton as Business man #2, Noah Pielow as Bartender, Mmonbadoe Zeahwon as Boy in bar, Mark Parker as Joel, Tim Sansone as Billy, Salvador Garcia Jr. as Bar customer, Cesar Campos as Jesse 'Jess', Aleksandra Myrna as Aleksandr's mother, Eduar Medina as Boy in bathroom, Hona Gordon as Nikolay Ivanov, Kyle Storey as Man in bar #2, Justin Ketchner as Denton, Marvin Barnes III as Boy in bar. Here is the summary; The survival of an illegal Russian boy who, succeeding down his family, is pushed into becoming an go as one with – in the end aiming to draw nearer to vocabulary in addition to who he thinks he is.

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