Abby 79 (2011)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Kim Rocco Shields. Full cast of the movie; Mary Elizabeth Boylan as Abby – 33, Harriette Coggs Stuckey as Faye, Sarah Croce as Sophia – 20'S, Goreti Da Silva as Diane, Michelle Gillette as Mary, Lauri Janover as Fran, Larry Jay Robins as Gene, William Knight as Mike, Carrie Lazar as Rebecca, Sheri Levy as Sandra, Terri Marsteiner as Susan, Fiona Perry as Sophia – Young, Vanessa Ryan as Abby, Jaymar Saniatan as Jay, Antoine Williams as Mark. Here is the summary; An feast day with a neglected souvenir provoke unpalatable memoirs of division kicking of the bucket with rift given that an aging Abby.

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