A Little Pond (2009)

This film which was released in 2013 was directed by Sang-woo Lee. Full cast of the movie; Seung Geun Moon, Roe-ha Kim (as Rae Ha KIM), Hye-jin Jeon, Myeong-cheol Shin, Michael Frederick Arnold as American Soldier, Hye-min Bae as Refugee, Hye-min Goo as Refugee, Ji-soo Hong as Mr. Seo's wife, Geum-hee Im as Refugee, San Im as Refugees, Da-eun Jeong as Mr. Seo's daughter, Hae-won Jeong as Mr. Moon's grandson, Seong-hoon Jeong as Kkoo-ri, Ye-rin Joo as Jjang-i's aunt's daughter, Ee-cheol Kang as Refugees, Hyo-jeong Kang as Refugee, Kyeong-hee Kang as Mr. Kang's eldest daughter, Deok-eun Kim as Kkoo-ri's mom, Ee-geon Kim as Mr. Kim's son – Yoong-i, Ga-yeong Kim as Kkoo-ri's younger sister – Soo-ya, Jeong-yeong Kim as Mr. Park's wife, Ji-hoo Kim as Jjang-i's aunt's daughter, Ji-hyun Kim as Mr. Moon's second daughter, Nam-jin Kim as Refugees, Ryoo-na Kim as Mr. Park's second daughter, Seon-yeon Kim as Ja-ya's home's youngest, Soo-jeong Kim as Ja-ya's aunt, Yoo-han Kim as Ja-ya's uncle, Kwang-soo Ko as Refugees, Yeong-jin Ko as Refugees, An-na Lee as Mr. Kim's eldest daughter – Ma-ji, Chae-won Lee as Refugee, Da-in Lee as Kkoo-ri's younger sister – Dan-i, Dae-rin Lee as Mr. Min's daughter, Hwa-jin Lee as Mr. Min's wife, Ji-Hyun Lee as Refugee, Ji-won Lee as Mr. Park's daughter, Po-hyeong Lee as Refugees, Tae-hoon Lee as Refugees, Kyeong-min Min as Mr. Min's son – Dae-sik, Chae-yeon Park as Jjang-i's younger sister, Hie-jin Park as Gae-bi's elder sister – Ji-ni, Jeong-joo Park as Mr. Kang's second daughter, Kwang-jung Park, Yoon-kyeong Park as Refugee, Dong-gap Seo as Mr. Seo, Hwa-seok Seo as Refugees, Seo-ran as Mr. Kang's youngest daughter, Han-kyeong Seong as Refugees, Ga-hee Son as Gae-bi's home's youngest, Hyeong-soo Son as Gae-bi, Jae-hyo Song as Refugees, Kang-ho Song, Min-seo Song as Refugee, Woon-yong Song as Refugees, Ah-reum Yoon as Mr. Kim's youngest daughter – Jeong-i, Yeong-min Yoon as Mr. Moon's eldest daughter – Yeong-i. Here is the summary; During the Korean War, petty lot village is evacuated for taking flight American GIs approach.

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